PORTICO adds Thieme’s publications to its Archive

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"a digital preservation service for the scholarly community"

"With the inclusion of Thieme’s publications, over 8,200 e-journals and 4,400 e-books have now been entrusted to the Portico archive. The complete list of e-journals is available at http://www.portico.org/about/content_digitally_preserved_alpha.html and a list of participating publishers is available at http://www.portico.org/about/part_publishers.html."

From:   the Associate Director of Library Relations, Portico

Royal Society Podcasts

The Royal Society: Podcasts [iTunes]


"The Royal Society, based in the United Kingdom, is not only 350 years old, but is also not about the royal family. Rather, The Royal Society is all about science–influencing science policy and debating scientific issues, with other scientists and the public. Their website is loaded with resources, such as their "News" section which has articles on science, education, industry and the environment culled from the major daily newspapers. Click on the "Library and Archives" section to be catapulted into a virtual room of resources such as the "Science Policy Collection", "Digital Journal Archive", "Biographical Information on Fellows", and "Picture Library". The Library events podcasts are easy-to-listen-to and wide-ranging, though many are about the history of science, and include video and audio podcasts. Podcasts about scientific failure, apothecaries, and the taming of electricity are just some of the titles available from the past two years of library events. Visitors shouldn’t miss using the unique search feature called "Select an Audience" at the bottom of any page of the site that allows them to choose what information is viewed based on who they are, i.e. teacher, student, policymaker, researcher, media, scientist, or fellow. Such a feature really helps to make a large website, such as this, much more accessible and easy to navigate. [KMG] "

From the Scout Report, University of Wisconsin, Nov. 14, 2008

NTIS offers RSS feeds by subject categories

Currently the National Technical Information Service Bibliographic Database includes records on over 2.8 million scientific and technical reports arranged by major subject categories. The NTIS  has now made available RSS Feeds by Subject Category: Follow the RSS Feeds link at ntis.gov to get started. Energy is one of the categories, for example.

“NTIS values its recognition by the technical information community, libraries, and participating Federal Government agencies as the leader in providing must-have U.S. Government technical content. To this end, NTIS will always strive to acquire, index, abstract, and archive the largest collection of Government-sponsored technical reports in existence.”

The October 2008 issue of the NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter is now available online from http://www.ntis.gov/pdf/ntrnews4.pdf.  To subscribe to the free Newsletter, just send an email with your name and email address to ntrnews@ntis.gov.

Source, the October NTIS Technical Reports Newsletter

EBRARY — instant document viewing

"ebrary Launches QuickView for Instant Document Viewing in a Browser 05 Nov 2008

E-book technology firm ebrary, US, has announced the availability of ebrary QuickView, which enables end-users to instantly view documents in many of the leading web browsers and even works on the iPhone. No software downloads or installations are required.

Currently offered in conjunction with ebrary’s new Java-based Reader, ebrary QuickView claims to be ideal for quickly accessing and exploring documents in the ebrary system such as e-books, maps, journals, reports, and other authoritative information. For a richer and more productive research experience, an end-user can also choose to use ebrary’s Java-based Reader.

ebrary QuickView currently offers features such as instant viewing and page flipping in a web browser; relevancy ranking at the chapter level with links to specific sections; navigate to search terms or specified pages; search within documents for key words; view and navigate to highlights and notes created using an ebrary Reader; and multiple view magnifications.

Click here"

Princeton University subscribes to Ebrary.

Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter, Nov. 5th.