Scientific Data Service from Google — No Go

US Google to close scientific data service prior to official launch 22 Dec 2008

Internet search services provider Google, US, will reportedly close its highly-anticipated scientific data service, Google Research Datasets, in January without even officially launching the product. The company has announced this in an e-mail to its beta testers, according to media reports.

The service was expected to offer scientists a way to store the huge amounts of data generated in an increasing number of fields. Nearly 30 datasets – mostly tests – had already been uploaded to the site.

Calling off the scientific project is seen to be another sign of initial frugality at Google. Just a few weeks ago, the company’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, told the Wall Street Journal that Google would be cutting back on experimental projects. It would, instead, focus its efforts on other activities such as Google Scholar, its research programmes and publishing papers about research at Google.

However, some scientists remain hopeful that the service might return in better times. Google representatives have not responded to requests for comments.

Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter, Dec. 22, 2008