launches in Brazil

" launches ScienceBlogs Brazil – 19 Mar 2009, part of science media company Seed Media Group, US, has announced the launch of its latest international site, ScienceBlogs Brazil ( is claimed to be the largest blogging network dedicated to science.

ScienceBlogs Brazil seeks to bring together original and influential voices within the Brazilian science community, some of whom have already won accolades for their blogging. Edited from São Paulo by Carlos Hotta and Atila Iamarino, ScienceBlogs Brazil launches with 23 Portuguese-language blogs on topics ranging from genetics to the environment.

With its growing science community and emphasis on science as a cornerstone of economic growth, Brazil is emerging as a vital player in global science culture. The country is the fifth most populous in the world and has over 67 million Internet users. ScienceBlogs publishes more than 130 blogs around the world spanning all areas of science and all intersections of science and society.

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Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter, Mar.19, 2009