OpenHelix — resources portal for genomics research

OpenHelix Resource Newsletter today proclaims the launch of an open access search and learn portal: web site to help researchers find the most relevant of the thousands of databases and analysis tools.

From their "About’ page:

OpenHelix allows "More efficient use of the most relevant resources means quicker and more effective research. OpenHelix empowers researchers by
  • providing a search portal to find the most relevant genomics resource and training on those resources.
  • distributing extensive and effective tutorials and training materials on the most powerful and popular genomics resourcs.
  • contracting with resource providers to provide comprehensive, long-term training and outreach programs."

There is a blog.  There is a newsletter to which one is free to subscribe.

One thought on “OpenHelix — resources portal for genomics research

  1. I cannot access the OpenHelix site…
    A user name and password was required, what “open” you can see in this ?!

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