‘Open Science’ report — part of the UK’s “Research 3.0″

JISC releases ‘Open Science’ report – 13 Nov 2009

"The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), UK, has released a report as part of its ‘Research 3.0 – driving the knowledge economy’ activity, which launches at the end of November. The new ‘Open Science’ report trails key research trends that could purportedly have far-reaching implications for science, universities and the UK society."

"The report looks at how technologies can support the open movement to share data, workflows, methods and research outputs. It also illustrates the vital role librarians could have in supporting these new trends and the recognised need to build relationships between researchers and librarians to support the research of the future."

"Open Science — the future for research?"  Link to this press release:


From KnowledgeSpeak Newsletter