BMC Biology + Journal of Biology = BMC Biology

"BMC Biology and Journal of Biology are joining forces as a single journal committed to the publication of high-quality commissioned content and research articles of exceptional
importance. The combined journal will operate under the name BMC Biology, reflecting the strong relationship with the subject-specific BMC-series journals, and will be edited by Miranda Robertson, who explains in an inaugural editorial how she sees the fusion combining the strengths of both journals, with continuation of the re-review opt-out experiment initiated by Journal of Biology."

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PubMed adds citations to books and chapters — from “Bookshelf”


The National Library of Medicine  Week of Apr 5, 2010

 *NLM Technical Bulletin, Mar-Apr 2010, Book Citations Added to PubMed and Changes to Displays

It’s new and books are not retrievable labled as such in PubMed, but they will be retrieved in Medline searches.  Bookshelf is separately searchable.

For example, if you search (in PubMed/Medline) feingold syndrome in the title, you will retrieve the book, chapter, or document, as well as articles, too.  NIH is now using color highlights to clearly indicate full text availability.

Feingold syndrome searched in the field labeled book, will retrieve 0.

The following search terms can be used to retrieve the Bookshelf citations in PubMed, e.g.,    pmcbook feingold syndrome:

  To retrieve books and chapters: pmcbook
  To retrieve books: pmcbooktitle
  To retrieve book chapters: pmcbookchapter

Ecological Society of America — experts database

"Ecological Society of America offers search facility in database of experts – 05 Apr 2010

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) has unveiled its updated resource for policymakers and members of the media. The Rapid Response Team (RRT) database, an ESA resource for several years, has now been made fully searchable. Users can find ecological scientists who specialise in a variety of fields, including climate change, invasive species, urban ecology, conservation and biofuels, or can locate an RRT member by name, affiliation or keyword.

Members of the RRT seek to provide on-call ecological expertise in a variety of ways, such as serving as panelists in briefings for congressional staff; providing expert testimony to Congress; analysing the likely ecological consequences of proposed changes to environmental regulations; and providing scientific feedback for news stories.

ESA claims to be the world’s largest professional organisation of ecologists, representing 10,000 scientists in the US and around the globe. Since its founding in 1915, ESA has sought to promote the responsible application of ecological principles to the solution of environmental problems through its reports, journals, research and expert testimony to Congress. The Society publishes four journals and convenes an annual scientific conference."

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Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter 4/5/10