Springer offers personal copies of their e-books for ~$25

"More than 15,000 books included at $24.95/24,95 euros each

The MyCopy offer is currently valid on more than 15,000 electronic Springer books published since 2005. The new soft cover edition is branded as a MyCopy book with a color cover and black and white book content.

All books will be sold at the same price, $24.95 for customers in the US and Canada or 24,95 euros in Europe. Each price includes shipping and handling. Local VAT will be added.


MyCopy books can only be ordered by registered patrons of academic libraries that have purchased the corresponding eBook Collection. The entire ordering and shipping process will be handled by Springer in cooperation with a print-on-demand (POD) provider."

Princeton University subscribes to most of Springer’s ebook packages.

Source: a Springeralerts email, June