International Year of Biodiversity declared by UN

This year we have a unique opportunity to share our knowledge of Earth’s biological diversity and encourage contributions to its conservation. The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity. Scientists and conservation practitioners from around the world have been working with their local and national governments to educate the public on species, ecosystems, and ecological processes. Our goal is to ensure significant advances in conservation policy that protect resources fundamental to human well-being are met in 2010.

To celebrate this year, Conservation Biology has created 3 FREE Virtual Issues. Read them here:


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Connectivity and Corridors
Articles address phenomena and actions that affect movement of genes, organisms (including humans), and ecological processes. Articles also emphasize the influence of social and economic context on maintenance of connectivity.


Climate Change
Articles highlight research in all conservation sciences – social, biological, and physical – that may reduce uncertainty about the potential effects of alternative management and investment decisions on diverse conservation targets.


Conservation Social Science
Articles emphasize the necessity to change human behavior in order to achieve the vast majority of conservation objectives. Diverse societal structures and processes are relevant to conservation of Earth’s biological diversity.