Thomson Reuters (Web of Science) predicts Nobel Laureates for 2010

Thomson Reuters predicts Nobel Laureates for 2010 – 22 Sep 2010

“Information services provider Thomson Reuters, US, has announced the 2010 Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates researchers likely to be in contention for Nobel honours. Thomson Reuters claims to be the only organisation to use quantitative data to make annual predictions of Nobel Prize winners.

Each year, Thomson Reuters uses data from its research solution, Web of Knowledge, to quantitatively determine the most influential researchers in the Nobel categories of Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics. Based on citations to their works, the company names these high-impact researchers as Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates and predicts them to be Nobel Prize winners, either this year or in the near future. Since 2002, 19 Citation Laureates have gone on to win Nobel Prizes.

The Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates typically rank among the top one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of researchers in their fields, based on citations of their published papers over the last two decades. This year, 15 of the 21 Citation Laureates hail from American universities. Researchers from France, Japan, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom also appear among the 2010 picks.

Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter 9-22-10

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