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From GEN’s “Best of the Web”, Jan. 15, 2014, there is a glowing review of  which makes available an assortment of resources for everyone, from beginners to experts.  There is introductory information, databases, software development projects, and analytical tools, such as PrimerX, which automate the design of mutagenic PCR primers.

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Galaxy — platform to facilitate analysis of large bioinformatics data sets is the open, web-based venture developed by Penn State and Emory University.  It’s compatible with the Python (open source) programming language.  Multiple tutorials are available for getting started manipulating large data sets.  Registration is free (also).

Source: Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, October 15, 2012, p. 62.

Bioinformatics: A brief review of resources on the Web

Bioinformatics: A brief review of resources on the Web

Tina O’Grady has written a nice, concise article which categorizes and lists  major bioinformatics databases currently available on the web.  The categories are:  Background information, Finding sequences,  Sequence analysis, Sequence alignment, Phylogenetics, Structure prediction, Function prediction, Genome/model organism databases, and Information and tutorials.  It is published in C&RL News (College & Research Library News), v.69(7), July/August 2008, pp.404-407+ here, on the web.