MIndShift — Website for Educational Technology

From Library Journal, Vol. 140 (18), p45 (November 1, 2015):

MindShift  ww2.kqed.org/mindshift

comes from KQED, the NPR station in San Francisco.  the site offers research, information and ideas via videos, blogs, radio interviews, etc. illustrating use of technology in education for all levels.


NOVA has a Physics Blog

NOVA’s Physics Blog


“NOVA’s Physics Blog is billed as “the physics of nothing, everything, and all the things in between.” This “Nature of Reality” blog promises “a space that welcomes big ideas about space, time, and the universe.” The posts here include graphics, animations, and other visually compelling materials. Visitors can scroll down on the right side of the page to look over Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and the contributors to the blog. It’s a diverse group, including mathematician James Stein and physicist Frank Wilczek. Recent posts include “Why is the Higgs So Light?” and “Scientific Approaches to the Fine-Tuning Problem.” Each entry concludes with the Go Deeper area, which features the editor’s picks for further reading. [KMG]

Source:  Today’s Scout Report from the University of Wisconsin

Blogspeak discussion: the future of science publishing

 Latest edition of Blogspeak now online – 06 Apr 2009

The third edition of blogspeak is now online. Featured are Steven Sieck (Science Publishers Stepping Up Online Community Initiatives); Charlie Rapple (If we invented the scholarly journal today, what would it look like?"); Morgan Langille (Is PLOS One the future of scientific publishing?); Kheskett (EndNote & HubMed); and John Timmer (Social search doesn’t pan out for Jimmy Wales, Wikia Search). A service of Knowledgespeak.com, Blogspeak includes blog posts relevant to the publishing industry, particularly STM publishing. Subscribers are invited to participate in the latest edition of blogspeak at http://www.knowledgespeak.com/Blog/Blog_Index_More.asp?MID=1#41.

Public Library of Science (PLoS) launches a blog

"PLoS ONE launches community blog for journal authors and readers – 30 Mar 2009

PLoS ONE, a free online journal published by open access publisher Public Library of Science (PLoS), US, has announced the launch of everyONE (http://everyone.plos.org), a new community blog for PLoS ONE authors and readers.

As of March 2009, PLoS ONE has published over 5,000 articles, representing the work of over 30,000 authors and co-authors, and receives over 160,000 unique visitors per month. The blog is for authors who have published with the journal as well as for those who haven’t.

The blog has been named everyONE for three main reasons: PLoS ONE is for every rigorous research article that passes the publisher’s our peer-review process; it is a forum for research in every scientific discipline; and it is a source of information for every inquisitive reader with an interest in high-quality scientific research.

PLoS ONE is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for all science and medicine. It features reports of original research from all disciplines within science and medicine. By not excluding papers on the basis of subject area, PLoS ONE seeks to facilitate the discovery of the connections between papers, whether within or between disciplines."

Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter, 30 March

ScienceBlogs.com launches in Brazil

"ScienceBlogs.com launches ScienceBlogs Brazil – 19 Mar 2009

ScienceBlogs.com, part of science media company Seed Media Group, US, has announced the launch of its latest international site, ScienceBlogs Brazil (scienceblogs.com.br). ScienceBlogs.com is claimed to be the largest blogging network dedicated to science.

ScienceBlogs Brazil seeks to bring together original and influential voices within the Brazilian science community, some of whom have already won accolades for their blogging. Edited from São Paulo by Carlos Hotta and Atila Iamarino, ScienceBlogs Brazil launches with 23 Portuguese-language blogs on topics ranging from genetics to the environment.

With its growing science community and emphasis on science as a cornerstone of economic growth, Brazil is emerging as a vital player in global science culture. The country is the fifth most populous in the world and has over 67 million Internet users. ScienceBlogs publishes more than 130 blogs around the world spanning all areas of science and all intersections of science and society.

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Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter, Mar.19, 2009

Nature.com wins ‘Oscars of the Internet’

Nature Publishing Group has won a "Webby" for the "Best Science Website" for 2008.

Besides searching access to all of their journals, their website features the following: 

"Through Nature.com, users can access news and features from Nature News and visit Naturejobs, NPG’s careers information and science recruitment website. NPG launched Connotea, the document tagging and social bookmarking web site in 2003. Nature Network, NPG’s social networking service connects scientists at a global and local level. The success of the weekly Nature Podcast has led to the construction of NPG’s own in-house podcast studio. The site also hosts a number of NPG blogs, the preprint service Nature Precedings, and country-focussed portals such as Nature China and Nature India."

For more details about Nature.com and the Webbies, here is the item in Knowledgespeak Newsletter.