Canada’s National Research Council Sci-Tech article database


"NRC-CISTI offers pay-per-article service for database14 May 2008
Canada-based National Research Council’s Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (NRC-CISTI) has launched Discover, a suite of current and planned pay-per-article services. Discover is designed to allow any researcher to search a database of more than 20 million articles for free and pay by credit card to view and print those selected. No pre-registration, user name or password is required.

Each article costs C$12, plus publisher fees and applicable taxes. Users see the full and exact cost of items added to their shopping carts. Open access articles are available free of any charges. Articles from NRC-CISTI’s electronic collection (indicated with a green mouse symbol) are available for viewing immediately. Articles in the print collection (indicated with a red flying envelope symbol) must first be scanned, and users receive a link by e-mail when the article is ready to be viewed and printed. Access to all articles is for one view, one print. Access begins when the link is opened and ends when the link is closed. Users may not save the document to their desktop.

NRC-CISTI is planning to launch a free Discover Alerts service later in the year. This service will allow users to register to receive electronic notification of new articles based on search criteria or journal title. The alerts will be delivered either via e-mail or RSS feeds."  

Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter

This will be a service to keep in mind particularly when one is no longer connected to a university or company which provides easy and free document delivery.  While one is at Princeton University, do utilize our Document Delivery /Interlibrary Loan service  — a resource of which we are proud.  Of course, an individual on his own should have access through a public library.  The price of this new service  from CISTI seems very reasonable.

British Library owns world’s largest research collection

British Library Direct is a reissue of British Library Inside.

You can search the latest 5 years of the 20,000 journals in the British Library’s collection for free via British Library Direct   You can register, order articles directly and pay by credit card.   However, as long as you are connected with Princeton University, the Library will obtain anything/everything needed at no charge — through our Document Delivery Service and Interlibrary Loan.

A disadvantage of this database is that there are no links to Princeton holdings, but many articles are freely available.  For example, an advanced search on "fuel cells"  (in title) yielded a total  of 3199, and 1708 are immediately available (free).    The emphasis is on science & technology.

About British Library Direct  Something to keep in mind when/if you are unaffiliated with academia!

British Library Direct Plus is a subscription-based service with 67,000 titles and goes back to the 1940’s.