A Paperless University by 2010?

Anaheim University set to become the world’s first paperless university – 21 Apr 2009

Anaheim University, a US-based institution which pioneered online education in the mid-nineties, has now committed to being paperless by 2010. This directive has caused Anaheim to push publishers to produce e-books, as well as adopt technical innovations such as the Sony book reader that allow the entire university’s curriculum of textbooks to be stored in a portable palm-sized electronic reader.

The Anaheim University President Dr. William Hartley signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment in February 2009. The ACUPCC is a highly visible effort organising U.S. college and university presidents and chancellors to address global warming by minimising global warming emissions and providing education in an effort to achieve climate neutrality.

According to a University representative, Anaheim’s students have submitted assignments electronically and accessed online library resources since 1998. This year the university switched from paper to e-catalogues, and digital publishing has replaced the submission of multiple copies of bound theses. The university is expecting to convert all administrative procedures into digital format by 2010.

Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter (4/21/09)

Portico Archive now holds 10 million articles


US Ten million journal articles preserved within Portico archive06 Feb 2009

"Non-profit electronic archiving service provider Portico, US, has announced that more than 10 million journal articles are preserved within the Portico archive. Launched in 2005 with support from JSTOR, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Ithaka, and the Library of Congress, Portico provides a permanent archive of scholarly literature published in electronic form.

The Portico archive is supported by both publishers and libraries and is increasingly central to the digital preservation and permanent access strategies of institutions around the world.

The growth of the archive underscores the importance of preservation archives in facilitating a secure transition from print to electronic collections. At the close of 2008, 68 publishers producing journals and e-books on behalf of hundreds of scholarly societies participated in Portico and have entrusted over 8,200 journal titles and 4,600 e-books to the archive. Libraries from the global community have been equally supportive of Portico with nearly 500 current participants from 13 countries.

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Source:  Knowledgespeak Newsletter