e-Science — a Research Guide from the Library of Congress

Science Reference Services of the Science, Technology & Business Division of the Library of Congress, has created this research guide E-SCIENCE dated January, 2009.  There are many useful research guides at their website;  they list key books, journals, databases, technical reports, dissertations, etc.   The series is called "Science Tracer Bullets Online"

The definition of "e-science" from the introduction to the guide:

"The term e-Science refers to large scale science that is carried out through distributed global collaborations enabled by the Internet. Typically, such collaborative scientific enterprises require access to very large data sets, very large scale computing resources, and high performance visualization. e-Science is a digital infrastructure that allows scientists to conduct research in new ways. Common terminology related to e-Science include cyberinfrastructure, grids, grid computing, distributed networks, and high performance computing."