History of the Earth, timeline of evolution of the Universe


“This is by far the best interactive display for the evolution of the earth that I have found on the internet. It creates awe and wonder along with holding a real value to linking concepts in so many areas.”

From Delicious,  Nejedj71 posted  Sept. 14, 2011

MAA Podcast Center

“The MAA Podcast Center of the Mathematical Association of America, the professional organization devoted to all aspects of collegiate mathematics education, offers audio files of lectures, generally by well-known mathematicians, along with supplementary materials. The podcasts cover a wide range of mathematical topics, including new areas, applications, history of mathematics, and mathematics in modern culture.”

 “Each topic has one or more audio files, written materials with links to supporting materials, and some video files. Some topics link to lectures from the MAA Distinguished Lecture Series http://www.maa.org/dist-lecture/

Source: Choice Reviews, Nov. 2010

Geological resources from the Scout Report

Today’s Scout Report from the University of Wisconsin highlights a couple of websites/resources of interest:

The Perkins Geology Museum at the University of Vermont
http://www.uvm.edu/perkins/index.html  — The "Perkins Digital Archive" contains >1000 images of minerals, fossils and rocks. Their collection of  > 24,000 photos documenting Vermont’s "Landscape Change Program" dates from 1690.  These collections are searchable.
The Barren Lands

The area west of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan was thoroughly documented and explored by Canadian geologist, J.B. Tyrrell in 1893 and 1894.  There are >5000 images in this collection at the University of Toronto.