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  • Essentials of Genetics, a free course on the basic concepts of genetics, featuring high quality animations, clear explanations, and links to biographies and research papers.
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  • Scitable Classrooms, a free online research space that teaching faculty can create in less than 5 minutes. Scitable Classrooms include news feeds, reading lists, and threaded discussions.  Watch our “how to” video that shows faculty how to set up a classroom

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PubMed adding related review articles to specific articles

News from the National Library of Medicine, from "NLM Technical Bulletin", May-June, 2008, No. 362:

Soon we are likely to encounter — in PubMed’s "AbstractPlus" format — related review articles listed by decreasing relevancy, in a box at the lower right.   Above at the right are related references.

For an illustration, see:

  *NLM Technical Bulletin, May-Jun 2008, Related Reviews Coming to AbstractPlus in PubMed