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Since Princeton University subscribes to digital subject collections of Springer books, individuals are entitled to purchase print copies for ~$25. The most popular title purchased according to a recent report is “Galaxy Formation”.  These copies are black & white only.  At the upper right, click on:

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    • Because your library offers access to Springer eBooks, you can have a printed copy of this book delivered to you from SpringerLink for just EUR 24.95 (free shipping)

100 Open Access science journals to be launched by Versita in 2012

Versita Launches Open Access Journal Program

By Theresa Cramer 

From ResourceShelf Newsletter No. 558, May 31, 2012 

From the press release:

Academic publisher Versita announced today the launch of a new program of Open Access journals. 100 Emerging Science Journals are being launched in 2012. The program’s focus is on young and rapidly developing fields of science, which have not yet been covered by a designated journal. The emerging topics have been identified in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Medicine, Physics and Mathematics.

One of the main reasons of this outstanding support is the Open Access publishing model, which provides free and unlimited access to the journal articles for all interested readers. In view of Academic Spring – and with Open Access gaining a momentum across scholar communities worldwide – Versita is not planning any publication fees for the first two years.

Read the full release

Springer offers personal copies of their e-books for ~$25

"More than 15,000 books included at $24.95/24,95 euros each

The MyCopy offer is currently valid on more than 15,000 electronic Springer books published since 2005. The new soft cover edition is branded as a MyCopy book with a color cover and black and white book content.


All books will be sold at the same price, $24.95 for customers in the US and Canada or 24,95 euros in Europe. Each price includes shipping and handling. Local VAT will be added.


MyCopy books can only be ordered by registered patrons of academic libraries that have purchased the corresponding eBook Collection. The entire ordering and shipping process will be handled by Springer in cooperation with a print-on-demand (POD) provider."

Princeton University subscribes to most of Springer’s ebook packages.

Source: a Springeralerts email, June

Landolt-Bornstein Database demonstration Oct. 23rd at 10:10

Jane Holmquist, the Astrophysics Librarian, will be demonstrating the Landolt-Bornstein Database,  tomorrow, Friday morning, in Grand Central — as part of a trial that the University has from SpringerMaterials.  She will answer any questions you may have in this second session of "Tool Time", a series featuring Library resources in astrophysics.  (Group VI of L.B. is Astronomy and Astrophysics.)

Springer’s series: Methods in Molecular Biology

"Springer is pleased to announce the publication of the 500th volume in the best-selling series, Methods in Molecular Biology. To commemorate this milestone, we have made some protocols from this 500th volume – Systems Biology, edited by Ivan Maly – available for free online at SpringerProtocols.com. As this new volume demonstrates, Springer continues to publish protocols at the cutting-edge of research."
From an email ad from the publisher, 4/23/09.

PUL has an ongoing subscription to this Springer series.  We’ve not yet received volume 500 — but we have received #528. (They often come out of sequence.)  You may want to follow their link.  They have ways to store your own protocols, and videos of some, and links to the newest with RSS feeds…similar to Wiley’s offerings.


AuthorMapper.com — free online analytical tool — Springer

German Springer launches free analytical online tool, AuthorMapper.com04 Feb 2009

STM publisher Springer Science+Business Media, Germany, has launched AuthorMapper.com, a free analytical online tool for discerning trends, patterns and subject experts within scientific research.

The portal currently searches over three million journal articles to deliver a variety of useful information. The current searchable content is from all Springer journals. Metadata from other STM publishers will be included in the near future. The tool can provide a variety of analyses, such as keyword tag clouds and "Top 5" bar charts for various important metrics, and includes an interactive world map of the results.

AuthorMapper.com’s advanced search function also allows complex queries using keyword, discipline, institution, journal and author. The results can identify new and historic scientific trends through timeline graphs and bar charts of top statistics, allowing for identification of trends in the literature, discovery of wider scientific relationships, and locating other experts in a field of study.

The trend timeline graph, for instance, allows authors to see whether their area of expertise is growing or has already peaked. Users that are only interested in open access content can restrict their searches accordingly, and all search results provide link-outs to content on SpringerLink. For graduates, post-docs and emerging researchers, AuthorMapper.com shows which institutions are the most prolific in specific research areas and allows for their comparison.

AuthorMapper.com’s can even be useful for members of the general public seeking to identify experts, for example, medical specialists, working close to where they are located.

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Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter (2/4/09)

Biophysical Reviews — new Springer journal

 Springer set to launch new journal – Biophysical Reviews16 Jan 2009

Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter.

STM publisher Springer, Germany, and the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) have announced the spring 2009 launch of the journal Biophysical Reviews. The journal will be the new official publication of the IUPAB. The entire IUPAB Council will form the editorial board of the new journal in order to demonstrate the close affiliation between the Springer journal and the IUPAB. Professor Jean Garnier of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) – Unité Mathématique Informatique et Génome (France) will serve as the editor-in-chief. He will work closely with the expert international editorial board.

A quarterly publication Biophysical Reviews will publish short and critical reviews from key scientists active in the field. The journal will cover the entire field of biophysics, generally defined as the science of describing biological phenomena and resolving their underlying principles using the concepts and techniques of physics. This includes areas such as bioinformatics, biophysical methods and instrumentation, medical biophysics, biosystems and cell biophysics.

Springer will publish Biophysical Reviews in both print and electronic formats. It will be available via Springer’s online information platform, www.springerlink.com. The journal will include fast, electronic publication in Online First, as well as Cross Reference Linking and Table of Content Alerts. All potential authors have the option, via the Springer Open Choice programme, of publishing their articles using the open access publishing model.

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Princeton University does not seem to subscribe yet.