DNA Interactive — A “Best of the Web” selection in genengnews.com

The reviewer describes DNA Interactive:  “Beautiful site design, fun and engaging material”.  It is a “4-star” site, dedicated to DNA’s discovery and study, from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory — and it’s free.  http://www.dnai.org

Source:   Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Nov. 15, 2012, p. 50

It can also be found on the web at: http://www.genengnews.com

GEN’s “back page” also offers reviews “Best of the Apps”, too.

Microbe World — Website with news, videos, images…

Microbe World (Last reviewed in the Scout Report on November 19, 1999)


“Microbe World has grown by leaps and bounds since the Scout Report last reviewed the site. First-time visitors will notice that the homepage contains a featured image and a featured video, which usually features a science expert speaking on microbes via an archived webcast. Moving on, the right-hand side of the homepage contains informational videos that cover how to get started with using Microbe World. The “Videos” tab will allow users to learn from dozens of videos that cover a gamut of topics, such as genetically engineered bacteria and an investigation into the origins of the Black Plague. Visitors can also use the “Images” tab to view high quality images of microbes taken from various research laboratories, science organizations, and so on. Finally, users can use the “Resources” area to view laboratory demonstrations and find out about new microbe-related apps that are under development.”

Source: University of Wisconsin’s Scout Report 10/21/11 

Copenhagen COP15


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U.N. Climate Summit Under Way in Copenhagen
Leaders from across the globe convened today (Dec. 7th) in Copenhagen for a United Nations conference to discuss a plan to combat climate change. One of the goals of the summit, which runs through Dec. 18, is to work on a follow-up treaty to the Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2012.

Source: WhatsNew@NationalAcademies.org

Under the "Full Story", there are links to reports and a link to the conference website.