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i-f544d6763e2f4e297a6008579cde0ef0-hillier2.jpgTiger of the Week: J. Robert Hillier ’59 *61

When architect J. Robert Hillier ’59 *61 and his wife, Barbara, created the online magazine Obit in April 2007, they envisioned a publication that would stretch the boundaries of the standard obituary. “Obit is about life’s stories,” Hillier explained in a recent press release. “We conceived of it to deal with life, death, and transition, and in doing so brought together some of the best journalists in the country.” So while there are plenty of stories about the lives and deaths of celebrities, politicians, and star athletes, the magazine also memorializes less traditional deaths, like the end of GM’s Pontiac brand (a farewell to the muscle car).

Two years after its launch, Obit ( has earned high praise in the online magazine world. Last week, it received two Webby Awards from the International Guild of Web Designers. Obit was one of eight publications selected for the Best Magazines category and one of 12 honored for Best Copy/Writing. Apparently, as one of Obit‘s taglines proclaims, “Death is only part of the story.”

(Photo courtesy J. Robert Hillier ’59 *61)

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2 thoughts on “Fresh take on obits

  1. Page

    While not everyone agrees, it was often said that the 1964 Pontiac really kicked the muscle car era into high gear. I was surprised when Chevrolet dropped the Camaro, but glad it has returned, but now the Pontiac name plate has slid into history.

    While I find history interesting, I also look forward to seeing were this generation takes us with automotive performance. The desire to improve the performance of anything with wheels on it will not diminish because of a change to an electric based propulsion system. Once “hot rodders” get a hold of this newer technology and embrace it, I expect we will see a whole new generation of muscle cars.

  2. Dave

    Ah the poor old muscle car! It will be interesting to see what replaces it, exciting times indeed!

    Its actually pretty interesting to see that hybrid electric vehicles are slowly making inroads into everyday culture.


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