A walk through Reunions in the 1920s


With Reunions 2010 just four weeks away, we present below an archival gem: footage of Reunions in 1927 and 1928, courtesy of the University Archives and the Princeton Campus Life YouTube channel. The original 16-millimeter version was filmed by George Linkletter, Class of 1902.

The 1927 celebration was Linkletter’s 25th reunion, and according to PAW, 143 of the 1902’s 274 graduates attended, including one who traveled from his home in Egypt. About 3,000 alumni marched in the P-rade, then known as the Commencement Parade.

(Photo from PAW, July 14, 1927)

One thought on “A walk through Reunions in the 1920s

  1. Adrian Woodhouse '59

    My first P-rade as an alumni after getting out of the Army was in June 1962. The thing that stands out in my mind was the Class of 1912 celebrating its 50th Reunion. Major classes usually have funny signs, one of which really got me thinking It read: “If you think we look funny, we look just like the Class of 1862 looked at our graduation!” Wow,one hundred years of history, dating back to the Civil War era. That Class of ’12 had pizzazz! Its last living member carried the Silver Cane at the front of the P-rade for five yers. When he passed on, the Cane went to a meber of the Class of 1917! The P-rade is one of Princeton’s finest traditions!


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