Capturing four years in six words


For the second year, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students asked graduating seniors to write six-word memoirs about their Princeton experiences for inclusion in the Class Day program, and once again, the submissions included scores of pithy phrases, covering a range of topics.

Some touched on the decision to come to Princeton (Jonathan Paranda: “(probably) better than going to Harvard”), while others quipped about campus wildlife (Julie Dickerson: “You will learn to love squirrels”; and an anonymous submission: “Ninja black squirrels are hiding everywhere”). Wisdom for future undergraduates also was a popular theme (Randall Dye: “Look before leaping, but leap anyway”; and Isabel Wojtowicz: “Learn from those all around you”). A handful of the seniors anticipated, or dreaded, their departure (Justin Frick: “Loved it. Can’t wait to leave!”; and Michael Sard: “Four more years, Four more years”). And a few memoirs recapped personal revelations (Lucas Issacharoff: “Comparative literature isn’t my strong suit”).

Below, read an assortment of the Class of 2010’s six-word memoirs. For a selection of the Class of 2009’s submissions, click here.

We are history in the making. – Jeremy Borjon

Orange shade sun nitrogen quorum dancing – Laura Keay

Quorum sensing cholera bacteria laughter wonderful –
Karolina Brook

I have loved every single moment. – Emily Silk

A home when I needed one. – Lianna Kissinger-Virizlay

Challenging Rewarding Amazing Testing Fantastic Short
– Ian Fox

Love and faith sustain us all – Sherry Zhang

Memories and friends I’ll remember forever – Joel

intense fun educational world-class exciting memory-ridden
– Yuhong Liu

Ask me for anything, but time – Mack Pasqual

I don’t know, I loved Princeton! – Julianne Grasso

lawnparties thunderstorms learning the greatest friends
– Christine Prifti

Challenge Perserverance Open Dreams Friendship Curiosity
– Chang Qing Chris Xu

Thursday Saturday Thursday Saturday Thursday Saturday
– Sara Hendershot

shock immersion expansion groundlessness embrace rebirth
– Rebecca Foresman

You will learn to love squirrels – Julie Dickerson

Really, Princeton New Jersey? Why, Courtney? –
Courtney Quiros

memorable lasting enlightening friendship personal orange
– Sarah Johnson

(probably) better than going to Harvard – Jonathan

Fun Hard Exciting Stressful Awesome – Jonathan

Slowly building up and opening out – Anna Moccia-Field

My life inside the orange bubble – Julie A. Steinberg

The Princeton University Figure Skating Club – Aditi

Not exactly what I was expecting – Aran Char

Always time to meet more friends – Andres Perez

Anything’s possible. I graduated from Princeton. –
Jasmine Ellis

Crazy hard great! important friends Triangle – Hannah

It’s been a wild ride. Thanks. – Laura Fletcher

Gained maturity in mind and spirit – Anthony T Fazio

You only live once, Do Right!!! – Eric Plummer

Friends are what you will remember – Cecily King

Fun Hard Wild academic sweaty fulfilling – Anonymous

Amazing Challenging Exciting Friendly Memorable Fulfilling
– Kait Perrelle

hilarious exhausting exhilarating unexpected terrifying
WONDERFUL – Katherine

Influential nostalgic intelligent provoking fast over
– Aurora Lee

Challenging Engaging Mind-opening fun late nights –
Tim Branigan

 Met friends,
learned tons, incredibly grateful – Liz Dengel

It requires charisma nerve and talent! – Gabriel

Worked hard played hard grew up – Laura Kergosien

My life here has been beautiful – Julia Solorzano

Excruciating Exhilarating Educational Enlightening
Entertaining Exhausting – Victoria Shue

The gospel became real Thanks, David – Esther Won

God has blessed me so much! – Molly M. Herring

When in the course of human – Zach Zimmerman

Beautiful intense challenge revolutionary fulfillment
development – Jessica Lanney

Princeton: New York state of Mind – Mickheila Jasmin

Everything will happen for the best – Deepika Govind

Playing in fountain after winning game – Andrew

I learned a lot of stuff – Peter Tucci

On the top and the bottom – Samuel Page

All’s well that ends well, eh? – Zoe Saunders

It was busy, fun, and fulfilling. – Claire-Marine

With great challenge came great rewards. – Maria

I really hope I grew up. – Deirdre Shannon

each moment ecstasy I forget not – Laura Yue Bai

Music was singing laughing travelling learning. –
Paavana Kuhar

Gop Gop Gop Gop Gop Gop – Anonymous

The most rewarding experience ever had – Damaris Suero

Lifelong friends lifelong dreams lifelong memories –
Kejia Tang

Finding Family and beautiful, inspiring minds – Clelia

Firestone. Small World Coffee. Murray Dodge. –

Walking down Nassau Street at Sunrise – Anonymous

Make the most of every day – Allison Wood

Princeton opened the world to me. – Cornelia Hall

Tigers work hard but play harder – Sarah Schiff

Boundless giving, endless questioning, life affirming
– Heather May

Cap Small World Fencing Family Love – Chandler Clay

Challenging Eye-opening Busy Fun Friendship Social –
Victoria Foxgrover

Princeton is often stressful, always transformational
– Jack Breslauer

Work hard play hard memories laughter – Zachary Walker

The most valuable friendships I’ve made – Maia

Spelman Dickinson love Firestone carrel die –
Sucharita Ray

Tigers always work hard play hard – Zach Ruchman

Honeysuckle hourglass, days slip too fast – Maria

Grueling Intense Hard Meaningful Challenging Proud –
Andrew Leavity

Soccer Bodyhype Girls Friends Family Love – Antonio
Ramirez Jr.

different unique exciting satisfying fun memorable –
Patrisa Buster

friends love fun diSiac Ivy knowledge – Jennie E.

growth. independence. knowledge. humility. friendship. fun.
– Margaret Byron

Evolve your mind – develop critical thinking. –
Allen Porter

Take the opportunity to enjoy life – Jesus “Alex”

Love the ocean. Study the ocean. – Darcie Ryan

mistake mistake mistake mistake mistake mistake –

Princeton passed; fleeting classes; friends outlast. –
Steven Liss

Don’t forget to experience it all – Robert Sobieski

Spring blooms, library books, lifelong friends. –
Tamara Spitzer-Hobeika

Thank you to all my friends – Thomas Klingman

It Was Fun While It Lasted – Robert Addis

Walker Wilson Wild Wonderful Woody Woo – Conor Pigott

inspiring happy challenging knowledge international
fulfilling – Nihong Chu

late nights are usually worth it – Sara Shaw

exciting exhausting fulfilling enlightening footnote robo
– Kevin Jeng

Icahn Whig Poe Friend Sherrerd Brown – Sajid Mehmood

Woody Woo! Ivy Club! Dance! Joyous! – Bridget Barnett

Perseverance is just more hard work – Julius Dimas

nonstop work but loved every minute – Adam Hugh

Thanks for making me grow up – Veronica Pillar

Orange Creative Never-Ending Challenging Rewarding
Unforgettable – Anna Peng

Look before leaping but leap anyway. – Randall Dye

Friend center is not my friend… — Jen Chen

Learned some, laughed more. Good decision. – Simonne

I will never forget the memories – Rachel Cocalis

Live Love and learn with friends – Deniz Selcuk Arkun

Folkórico Tigressions Latinas strength song perseverance
– Viviana Garza

Chris Hepburn is a GEO major. – James Bryant

So when I first came to – John Leonard

Karen Ranna Jon Ann Sara Andres – Anonymous

Four more years Four more years – Michael Sard

Above all, I have found myself. – Thelma G. Ranning

Ended up actually liking this place. – Rafael Palomino

Princeton is what you make it. – Amanda Satterthwaito


Rewarding Stressful Challenging Short Long Expensive –
Alyssa Perry

Princeton has greatly expanded my horizons. – Zi Cheng

Football knowledge Saturdays enjoyment fun experience
– Greg Chambers

This sentence will always be false – Nicholas Cox

Inspirational Family Challenging Strengthening Memorable
Love – Farah Naim

Faith Fun Friends Cottage Growth Challenge – Chris Lumry

Get in where you fit in – Brian Kenney

Growth Knowledge Challenge Memory Experience Choice – Daniel Webster

Late nights Amusing Stressful Frisbee Novel – David

Learn to be humble and confident – Elliot Welder

Do as much as you can! – Phoebe Champion

Take a breath and just chill – Antonio Polanco

International Food Co-op Frivolous substantive conversation
– Mike Wang

Only the first bit is over! – Michelle Arader

Great friends, great times, awful weather. – Kathryn

Tower Ivy TI Charter Cloister Terrace – Dennis Zollo

Challenging exciting eye-opening rewarding
personality-builder awesome – Ryan Morrell

Learning lessons applicable to our futures – Scott

I will forever be a Tiger – Christian Windon

A unique and exciting opportunity – Robert Engelke

Beautiful place to make lifelong friends – Ian

Friendship Loyalty Perseverance Love Comfort Life –
Michael Graves

I learned through Princeton what’s important. –
Jessica Pottenger

Dance Cap Friends Ayshia Economic Opportunity – Xinran

The best decision I ever made — Jose Joel Alicea

Princeton has been an eye-opening experience – Inae

Learning LAUGHTER Loved professors Diana Steve – Emily

Philosophy All-nighter Tea Work Stout Poetry – Zhou
Hay Liew

Sweat blood tears Friends Jeu! Crayzee – Jerry Nnanabu

Fun, Work, Stress, Friends, Study, Freedom – Ghanasyam

Live like you’ve never lived before – Tiffany Tang

Pancakes class track then no sleep – Aundeah Kearney

Community orange black tiger pride spirit – Kelsey

Comparative literature isn’t my strong suit – Lucas

Rewarding fun exciting appreciative challenging creative
– Clayton Flanders

Be who you feel you are. – Shenita Baltimore

Loved it, don’t want to leave. – Byron Davis

hands down, i’d do it again – Dana Isokawa

what an adventure this has been – Arthur J. Kennedy

all-consuming unrelenting thrilling wet boundless unlimited
– Andrew Chen

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose – Carl Hamming

What an awesome waste of time. – Shawn Fennell

Hectic Green Allergies Alcohol Spirit WWS – Eric

long conversations, adventures, and laughing lots –
Jessica Lander

Never give up, Never back down. – Lauren Sabb

Bonfire Obama Free Trips Study Abroad – Anonymous

Fun challenging Expanding Interesting Crazy Great –

Learned how much I’ll never know – Jefferson Steele

Learning to trust through everything here. – Anthony

History, Chasa, Friends Who Became Family – Whitney

Have fun and spread your wings! – Jenna Washabaugh

Intellectual stimulation world citizen friends paths –
Katie Pocalyko

constantly inspired by friends and teachers – Elinor

Valued Time Spent Speaking With Friends – Rachel

Challenging revealing fun gutsy intimate proud – Naomi

overwhelming new experiences opportunities need sleep
– David Benjamin

gratifying intense community enjoyable memorable
life-changing – Melissa Seitz

T.P.: a DREAM that became REAL – David (Trip) Cowin

Stressful sleep-deprived workout multi-faceted depressing
challenging – Anonymous

There’s still more homework to do – Casey S. Alexander

Excitement and awe, friends and memories – Lucy Minott

Don’t forget: give time to others! – Rachel Nesbitt

fun difficult challenging nerve-wracking intense savage
– Matthew Joseph

Drinking Pimms on the Forbes Terrace – Anonymous

Through Eden took their solitary way – Yujhan Claros

anger depression contempt disappointment FRIENDS! relief
– Anonymous

I’ve come to know the world – Joseph Vellone

Enriching Enlightening harrowing developing stimulating
frustrating – Anonymous

unexpected eye-opening challenging opportunity family
memories – Ukachi Emeruwa

An exhilarating ride I won’t forget – Miriam Camara

Don’t be afraid to redefine success – Ezinne Emeruwa

Open up your heart and learn – Janice Chen

Pushed me to be better person – Martha Carr

Fun stress work eating dining hall – Jayne Choi

the people are the best part – Nicole Fegeas

Exciting Demanding Fun Memorable Awesome Rewarding – Kathryn

As I tack my path straightens – Anonymous

Wish four years could last forever – Rachel George

Forbes to EQuad and Everything Between – Pandora Chua

All things are possible through Him. – Duane Hynes

So grateful for this incredible experience – Laura

Learn From Those All Around You – Isabel Wojtowicz

How I wish I tried harder – Yudai Chiba

New experiences new friends new life – Leah Samaha

Learned a lot and found JESUS – Colin Ponce

poblem sessions roommate mischief tulips camaraderie –
Emily Margolis

Life is a garden – dig it – Ben Peretsman

Princeton is beauty brilliance struggle inspiration –
Yael Nobel

overwhelming empowering enlightening racial laughter stress
– Astrid Rousseau

Princeton is what you make it – Anonymous

Young sapling blossoms in orange spring – Michael Chou

Awesome Memorable Politics Ambition Colonial Beast –
Xiao Ou Man

Food equals love OA cycling Forbes – Rebecca Levin

Fun Work Lab Travel Amazing Unforgettable – Josh T.

Hawkeye Firewood Ocho Rugby Terrace Breakfast. –

OA engaging eye-opening lawnparties alumni welcoming –
Eva Wei

I love this place so much – Anonymous

camaraderie bonding excitement mind-opening appreciative
competition – Laura Zhu

I do not want to leave – Alison

Don’t come back for Grad School – John Chang

Read Write Sleep Repeat Repeat Repeat – Jeffrey

Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace Terrace –

Run, run, run. Stop, breathe. Laugh. – Kate Therkelsen

success pressure achieve Terrace pride compete –
Andres Guerra

Princeton is what you make it. – Jonathan Nussbaum

eye-opening stimulating busy nurturing homey challenging
– Elizabeth Rosen

challenging proud joyful world-widening crushing best
– Christine Emba

Hang out at the Street more – Anonymous

What an experience this has been – Maura Mathieu

And you may contribute a verse – David Fort

Eat Drink Sleep Work Sleep Sleep – Anonymous

Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man – Samuel Fox

My wardrobe is mostly orange. THANKS! – Jane Dobkin

On the verge. Set to trek. – Sophie Gandler

Dare, dabble, dine, drink, Drosophila, dance –
Virginia Byron

Refined through the flame of Princeton – Ben Kung

memories that could never be traded – Sara Finn

challenging wonderful treasurable beautiful enriching
fleeting – Noelle Vinson

Have great memories with great people. – Vanessa Yu

I’d do it all over again. – Caitlin Paul

Forget Everything, Learn Anew, Share Happiness – David

I wish I had more words – Zach Balin

Princeton student self student world student – Katy

A mountaintop experience with terrifying descents –
Blessing Agunwamba

Dear friends, I love you mucho – Ellen Adams

friends, love, and learning = my Princeton – Stacy

Parentals thank you! – Love Care Bear – Carrie

Living by faith is kinda hard – Kenneth Tay

Seeing the world on little sleep – Katie C. Friedman

Everyday is a day for laughing – Michelle Thompson

Explore Learn Eat meet have fun – Hao Hong Yiu

Loved it. Can’t wait to leave! – Justin Frick

Jesus, Challenging Inspiring Spoiling transforming Eureka!
– Fatu S. Conteh

Do you get up, up, up? – Chris Hernandez

community reflective wonderful forever together tigers
– Anonymous

An Extraordinary Adventure with Incredible Friends –
Lena Qiu

Ninja black squirrels are hiding everywhere –

Inspiration from the support of friends – Lara Yuan

I would so do it again. – Anonymous

the best experience of my life – Rachel

Stupendous sensational rachels orange challenging webmail
– Rachel Steinberg

I can’t wait to leave Princeton – Anonymous

Passionate, energetic, grounded people loving life. –
Kaitlyn Hay

Growth Change Friends Learning Independence Teamwork –
Lauren Clark

Maximum of caffeine, minimum of sleep – Elizabeth

Princeton my home away from home – Kaitlyn Golden

The most inspiring time of my life. – Veronica

Wait, how is it already over? – Jacob Kosior

Do your own thing and study – Zackory Burns

Gaining new friends, perspectives, and experience. –
Rebecca Marriott

Busy fun work friends squirrels Charter – Stephanie

Shenanigans with friends, spontaneity and laughter –

My experience in one word: BLESSED! – Julia Neufeld

Don’t forget to have fun here – Jonathan Schwartz

A supportive community that challenges you – Sarah

Economics Athlete Cottage Friends Dedication Incredible
– Mark Magnowski

competitive insomnial intellectual interesting
grade-deflation memorable – PJ Henley

Fun adventures on the East Coast – Michael Wu

Learning friendship adventures love work smile –
Ashley Schoettle

Sacrifice Opportunities Community Determination Insight
Growth – Kevin Schenthal

Love others as I’ve loved you – Robert Haraway

I came to the right place. – Noel Gonzales-Luna

exhausting lively urgent brief harried thrilling –

camaraderie rethinking inspiring adventure possibility
opportunity – Aditya Panda

Busy Days, Sleepy Nights Tiger Time – Kate Benner

Be grateful for the Orange Bubble – Jing Lin

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