Names in the news

i-cb871462d587ce5377455ff9e2535dd3-wb_alumni.jpgAccording to a July 19 USA Today feature, “Tea Party”-favored candidate Ken Buck ’81 “has gone from long shot to front-runner” in Colorado’s competition for the Republican nomination in the upcoming U.S. Senate race. [USA Today]

Lawyer Terri Sewell ’86 won a run-off for the Democratic nomination in Alabama’s 7th congressional district July 13. If elected in November, she would become the state’s first black congresswoman. [Birmingham News]

Director of faith-based and neighborhood partnerships Joshua DuBois *05, the man who sends daily devotionals to President Barack Obama’s BlackBerry, “is the front door of the White House for religious and community leaders,” according to a recent profile. [Los Angeles Times]

After nearly two decades on the California State Supreme Court — including 14 years as chief justice — Ron George ’61 has decided to retire in January 2011. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Entrepreneur Josh Weinstein ’09 and his Web-based company,, aids “a generation lacking in romantic courage,” according to The Wall Street Journal. [Wall Street Journal]

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