Fall fashions, Princeton style


It all started in October, the month of playoff baseball. Selden Edwards ’63 was watching a National League Championship Series game between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants on TV when he spotted a familiar striped pattern in the front row at AT&T Park, right behind the dugout. Could it be? A Class of 1962 Princeton Reunions jacket? Edwards hit rewind on the broadcast, snapped a photo with his phone, and sent it off to his friend and classmate Bill Hardt ’63, a longtime Princeton volunteer.

Hardt passed the picture along to friends via e-mail. In December, after several weeks and some unsuccessful queries, Bruce Dunning ’62 cracked the case, confirming that the mystery fan was Andy Hall ’62 *66, a Bay Area engineer and consultant.
Hall explained in an e-mail reply that he’d worn the jacket twice during the Giants’ playoff run – once in the Philadelphia series and once in the World Series. Fellow fans told him that they loved the jacket’s orange, black, and white stripes, a perfect match for the Giants’ colors. “One person, a row behind us, was seriously interested in buying one,” Hall said. “I told him it was a special edition and not available. I think I saved him from a lot of grief.”   

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  1. Adrian Woodhouse

    In January 1973, My wife,kids and I were in Lagos Nigeria as part of a TWA team working with Nigeria Airways. There was a large Ameican community there due to oil. We were invited to a costume party, which was held outside a lovely home.As usually happens, people gather around in circular groups chatting over coctails. All of a sudden, I hear a voice behind me say “This is my Princeton Reunion costume”! Almost getting a case of whiplash, I turned around to see Andy Steigman ’54 in his complete Chinese outfit for which ’54 was famous. He was the Political Officer at the U.S. Embassy there. Two years kater, I returned to Lagos for Douglas Aircraft Co, and caught Andy on his last day there before leaving for his new assignment as Ambassador to Gabon!

  2. Jordan Becker '82

    The summer after my junior year (1981), I was traveling around Europe with my roommates, and we were outside the cathedral in Chartres. I saw a man wearing an orange and white striped sport jacket and asked him whether it was a Reunion’s jacket. Turns out, it was–and we were pretty surprised. As much as I appreciate the craziness of the Class of ’82 Tiger Gras jacket, I can’t imagine wearing it anywhere other than on campus.


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