Alumni names in the news

i-c51de8617fda69898311215ea8db51a0-biederman nyt photo.jpg
(Courtesy Dan Biederman ’75)
Dan Biederman ’75, at right, the president of Biederman Redevelopment Ventures and a major player in the revitalization of Manhattan’s Bryant Park, wrote about his vision for urban parks. [The New York Times]
Americans should begin treating computer code like the alphabet or arithmetic, Douglas Rushkoff ’83 argues in an essay titled “Learn to code, get a job.” []
The CBS Early Show profiled Lauren Bush Lauren ’06 and her efforts to combat world hunger. [CBS News]
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels ’71 delivered his eighth and final State of the State address, drawing boos from protesters due to the state’s controversial “right to work” legislation. [Indianapolis Star]
Marc Ross ’95, college scouting director for the NFL’s New York Giants, is a finalist for the Chicago Bears’ general manager position. [Chicago Tribune]

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