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Faculty engagement with students is “a hallmark of a Princeton education,” Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter ’80 writes in her essay for the Sept. 19 issue of PAW. “Why should that stop just because students graduate?”
In Slaughter’s case, the extended faculty-student engagement has come as a result of her cover story in The Atlantic on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” In PAW, she outlines some of the compelling responses she received from alumni. You can add your voice to the conversation online, in the comment box, or by sending an email to paw@princeton.edu. Responses will be published in a future issue and at PAW Online.
– Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor
Princetonians won a school-best seven medals at the 2012 Olympics. See Princeton’s  Olympians in action in this collection of photos from the games. VIEW
More images from the Global Seminars program’s trips to Poland and Japan, featured in the Sept. 19 cover story. VIEW
The Princeton University Band debuted its signature plaid jackets 60 years ago this fall – an anniversary that has columnist Gregg Lange ’70 thinking about campus music. READ MORE
Allen S. Johnson ’55 fondly recalls the freshman-week tradition of stealing the clapper from the bell in Nassau Hall. READ MORE
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A list of graduate and undergraduate alumni deaths recently reported to the University.

Highlights from the Sept. 19 issue:

‘Respect the grievous history’ of this place
In Poland, students reconcile a horrific past and a puzzling ­present

The way back
In post-tsunami Japan, Princeton students find hope, despair, and many questions

You can’t have it all 
Princetonians respond to Anne-Marie Slaughter ’80’s essay

Letters on George F. Will *68’s July essay, graduation ceremonies, online courses, the end of Hibben-Magie, and more

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