What’s New at PAW Online: Jan. 6, 2014

What's new @ PAW ONLINE
Is anything secret anymore? What can metadata reveal about your daily life? How much do advertisers know about what you do online? In our special issue on privacy, alumni and faculty experts address these questions and many others. We invite you to participate in the conversation by sharing your comments at PAW Online.
— Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor

How closely do you read PAW? Test your knowledge of 2013 campus and alumni headlines in our 10-question quiz. READ MORE
Philanthropist and bibliophile William Scheide ’36 turns 100 today, and columnist Gregg Lange ’70 pays tribute to Scheide’s “century worth of wonderment.” Also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN
Listen to an excerpt from Moe’s new album, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, which features five works of chamber music. LISTEN
ReachOut 56-81-06 fellow Christina Laurenzi ’13 describes her visit to Nelson Mandela’s funeral in the former South African president’s hometown of Qunu. READ MORE
Before his recent departure for Iran, Mousavian, a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School, spoke about the country’s engagement with the United States and what lies ahead. READ MORE
Essays: Two Views on Grading, From Veteran Alumni Professors
Richard Etlin ’69 *72 *78, an emeritus professor at Maryland, and Robert Hollander ’55, an emeritus professor at Princeton, share their views on grading, drawing on the University’s old 1-7 scale. 



Special Issue: Privacy
In feature stories, interviews, and essays, PAW asks alumni and faculty experts about key issues in privacy, ranging from government surveillance to neuroscience.

Targeting Meningitis B
With eight cases reported in eight months, thousands of students receive the vaccine Bexsero, approved by the FDA for use at Princeton.

Michael Porter ’69: Measuring Social Progress
A new index ranks countries on aspects of well-being, including nutrition and personal rights.

Jennifer Rexford ’91: Improving the Internet’s Busy Roadways
Rexford, a computer science professor, says that “we’re never done inventing the Internet.”

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