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Bio brilliance

i-aa4baf69923f73dce8b963ee77d61daa-mango_susan_download_4.jpgTiger of the Week: Susan Mango *90

Consider the week that was for Susan Mango *90: First, the biologist from the University of Utah published a paper in Current Biology, showing how a gene can be manipulated to extend the lifespan of C. elegans, a small worm commonly used as a model organism in biology labs. Then, she was named a professor of molecular and cellular biology at Harvard, her undergraduate alma mater, effective July 1, 2009. And finally, on Sept. 23, the MacArthur Foundation chose her as one of its 2008 fellows, an honor that comes with the five-year, $500,000 “genius grant.” That morning Mango told The Salt Lake Tribune, “It’s such a surprise. I’m still kind of speechless.” What’s left to say? The Princeton Ph.D. is our Tiger of the Week.
Two other graduate alumni also were selected as MacArthur fellows: John Ochsendorf *98, a structural engineer and architectural historian at MIT, and Marin Soljačić *00, a theoretical physicist at MIT. Oschendorf, Soljačić, and Mango will be spotlighted in a future issue of PAW.
Photo courtesy the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Do you have a nominee for Tiger of the Week? Let us know. All alumni qualify. PAW’s Tiger of the Week is selected by our staff, with help from readers like you.

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