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Good reads: Anne Anlin Cheng ’85

Looking for a good read? PAW asked some professors for their recommendations.


Anne Anlin Cheng ’85

Acting Chair, Department of English
Professor in the Center for African American Studies
The Palm at the End of the Mind by Wallace Stevens
Praise by Robert Hass
Asking a professor of literature what is her favorite book to read is bound to incite feelings akin to panic because the de-selection process seems impossible. But there are two books of poems on my nightstand, because I return to them repeatedly over the years. One is Wallace Stevens’ The Palm at the End of the Mind, and the other is Robert Hass’ Praise. There are many books to love but only a few in one’s lifetime that shift the fundamental tectonic plates of one’s mind; these are two such books for me. Reading them changed what I thought poetry could be. They show me how lyricism can fuse into serious philosophical inquiry, and they remind me of the profound rewards and pleasures of being a reader.  

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