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RNC chairman Steele touts individualism, freedom


Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee chairman, in his Feb. 22 conversation with Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. *97. (Photo by Beverly Schaefer)

By Brittany Urick ’10

The Center for African American Studies hosted a conversation between Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, and Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. *97 Feb. 22 in McCosh 50. Packed with students and members of the community, the lecture hall became a forum for debate toward the end of the hour, as both Glaude and audience members challenged Steele on how he reconciles his conservative stance with the economic inequality and dearth of opportunity facing black Americans today.

Steele brought a sense of humor to the discussion but fiercely defended his views, which he attributed to the values of sacrifice and self-sufficiency instilled by his mother.

“The promise of this country wasn’t what was promised to her,” Steele said. “It was what was promised to me. She found a way to help me realize it.”

On the topic of bipartisanship, Steele said the concept, as many envision it, is “a fiction.” While achieving consensus in a tension-filled political climate is important, finding common ground in order to move forward does not require giving up what one believes, he said.

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