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EcoReps aim for a cleaner, greener Reunions

EcoReps at Reunions 2010. (Courtesy EcoReps)

Decked out in neon green T-shirts and carrying placards to match, the handful of undergraduate EcoReps roving around the P-rade last year did not exactly blend into the crowd – and that was the point. By drawing attention, they were able to spread the word about their goal of increasing recycling at Reunions tents and along the P-rade route.

“We’re not crashing the party,” EcoReps leader Jennifer Yeh ’12 insisted, with a laugh, when she talked about the glowing shirts and signs. The students work closely with the University’s Office of Sustainability throughout the year, and reducing and recycling waste has been a primary focus of their efforts.

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For laughs

Tigers of the Week: Jay Katsir ’04 and Rob Kutner ’94


Behind the scenes of two of cable television’s most popular shows, Jay Katsir ’04, pictured at right, and Rob Kutner ’94, below, shown infiltrating the CNN Grill at the Republican National Convention, spend their days trying to make America laugh. This week, the two comedy writers were recognized for their work. Katsir, a writer for The Colbert Report, and his co-workers won the 2008 Emmy for “Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Program.” i-0afc7b3d44cfb254b360fac92ce95906-kutner.bmp
Kutner, a writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, also was nominated in the writing category and saw his show honored as the “Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series.” PAW adds another honor for Katsir and Kutner — they’re our Tigers of the Week.
The last year was a difficult one for television writers, who spent more than three months on strike. Katsir wrote a March 8, 2008, PAW essay before the settlement and explained that writing jokes for a living was “so like a pleasant dream that the current state of affairs seems to be the sudden waking that was inevitable all along. It’s exactly how I felt the time I fell asleep on the sidewalk during one of the pickets. Luckily, Gilbert Gottfried had a bullhorn.”
One programming note for alumni and Colbert Report fans: Princeton professor Cornel West *80 is slated to be a guest on the show Sept. 24.
Photos: Courtesy Jay Katsir ’04; courtesy Rob Kutner ’94
Do you have a nominee for Tiger of the Week? Let us know. All alumni qualify. PAW’s Tiger of the Week is selected by our staff, with help from readers like you.

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