These are a few of my favorite things (so far- a preliminary list)

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The Hats. All Hats go to Heaven and that eternal resting place happens to be the same as Uncle Ho's. If you are on the streets of Hanoi for five minutes, you will undoubtably see cowboy hats, newsboy caps, rice hats, floppy fisherman caps, beanies, sun hats, straw hats, baseball caps, and more. 500,000 dong goes to the first to spot a top hat. Let the games begin.

Water Puppet Theater. Colorful, musical, fishing, phoneix puppets, and a golden turtle getting a sword out of a lake- um, what more can one ask for in an hour of entertainment? Also, the lake near our hotel happens to be named after the same sword carrying turtle legend, so I feel a special kinship to the water puppets, and gold turtles, and swords.

Street Lanes. They are definitely on of my favorite things in Hanoi. Unfortunately even though I love street lanes, Vietnamese drivers don't really like them. They view these dotted lines as suggestions at the most. Sigh.

The Brother's Cafe. This place had the most amazing buffet in Hanoi. I feel confident in making this claim even though I have not checked out every other buffet in the city. Yet. The guy who owns it apparently use to make silk, was uber successful, then was like, "hm, I think I want to open an amazing cafe." And he did, and I am glad. I also loved the high ceilings.

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Hi Liz Really enjoyed your papers. Fun Sounds like you are having a great time and EXPERIENCES. Also enjoyed the pics from the junk Looks like great fun. Thanks for letting your dad share with us