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How My Blog Entry Ruined Peter Hessler's Google Life

…and other hyperboles.

In a twist of cosmic injustice, my blog entry on How Peter Hessler Ruined My China Life now comes in 5th when you Google “Peter Hessler.”

Strangely, this puts the Google rank of my rant above all but one of his articles’. Now if I could only get up there on the Google ranking for “Chinese alphabet” like the poor academic in “Oracle Bones”…

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No it comes in 3rd.

Yeah, after I wrote that entry, it bumped up to #3. I suspect that adding another reference to it on my blog ended up affecting the Google rating.


I just tried and it is No.8 now.


Try writing "How Chinese alphabet ruined my life" and if that doesn't work, "How Chinese alphabet ruined Peter Hessler's life".

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