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Update: Left the Building

Better late than never. My China run has (so to speak) run its course for now. I’m now back in the States, at the University of Virginia, studying social and cross-cultural psychology. Hopefully, I’ll be distilling my China experiences into ground-breaking theories that I’ll be sure to cash in on before my next trip back.

In the meantime, I’ll be slowly getting used to the idea of fortune cookies and whatever these so-called “Asian Restaurants” around here are up to. (Sushi and Chinese food under one roof!?) Plus, I will, from time to time, get some stories up that I never got around to while in China. Instead of a failed-studies-go-into-the-desk-for-later file-drawer phenomenon, some of these will be longer, more in-depth pieces that I never got around to.

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Brian Granger:

Hi Thomas,

I would like to subscribe to any blog or publication you may now have going.

Also, one of my responses today appeared three times - twice an error page came up, but apparently the posting still appeared. You may want to remove the two unneeded copies.

Best regards,

Brian Granger

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