Priscella Chan ’14, Ganchi Plastic Surgery

Monday, 1/23/2012

As I entered the office on my first day at Ganchi Plastic Surgery,I was immediately greeted by Karen, who is in charge of financial negotiations.  She took me on a tour of the office, showing me the patient rooms, waiting rooms, operating rooms, and introducing me to medical assistants Carly and Michelle.  I also met Leyla, who works with Karen handling the financial side of the business.  Soon afterwards I met Dr. Ganchi ’87, who then proceeded to tell me about the day.  Today was “Patient Day,” which meant I would be sitting in on all his meetings and consultations with patients.  I saw a variety of clients: some came back for check-ups after face lifts, while others were interested in breast augmentation, breast lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and labiaplasty.  One of the things I was most curious about in the field of plastic surgery was how plastic surgeons are able to please their client but also do what’s best for them. Today, Dr. Ganchi taught me that he only conducted operations that would allow the patient to see at least an 80% benefit.  This way he helped the client appreciate his/her natural beauty, even though that meant he would not operate on the patient.  One of the most important things I realized from my experience today is that great doctors have to both be able to help the patient and also effectively communicate with them as well.  I noticed especially that Dr. Ganchi spent a lot of time with the patients thoroughly explaining procedures and answering questions, which are activities that other doctors might delegate to nurses. I believe his clients appreciate the time he takes speaking to them, which is one of the reasons they trust Dr. Ganchi to make them look the best they can.  Everyone in the office was friendly and welcoming, and I really enjoyed my experience today.  I not only learned a lot about plastic surgery, but also the business side to medicine. I am extremely excited about “Surgery Day” tomorrow!

Tuesday, 1/24/2012

When I entered the office today, Dr. Ganchi had not arrived yet.  I was extremely eager for today because it was “Surgery Day,” which meant I got to watch Dr. Ganchi operate on his patients.  Karen and Michelle gave me scrubs, a hairnet, and a mask to prepare me for the operating room.  Today, I saw two brothers who had gynecomastia to have their mammary glands removed.  I met Dr. Lee, the anesthesiologist, who showed me what medications he was using to put the patients under.  Dr. Ganchi explained each step of the procedure – first, he wiped the body with betadine to sterilize the body.  Next, he made a small incision, and then proceeded to conduct liposuction to remove the fat around the mammary gland.  Then, with great dexterity, he removed the mammary gland using small tools.  Afterwards, he removed the remaining fat.  Finally he put in dissolvable stitches in the areola so the scar would heal smoothly.  This procedure was fascinating. I asked Dr. Ganchi if this was similar to breast reduction surgeries, and he taught me that they were not exactly similar since breast surgeries were usually accompanied by an additional breast lift procedure.  Dr. Lee also showed me that it was important to not only be able to work with the machines monitoring the patients’ breathing and heart rate, but to also look at the patient and be able to predict and respond to the changes before the machines reported it.  Another surgery I was able to observe today was an ear tuck procedure.  Dr. Ganchi made a small incision and put in small stitches in order to tighten up the skin below the ear, giving the client a more youthful appearance.  After the surgeries, Dr. Ganchi showed me pictures of past surgeries he performed. Like the procedures he had done earlier, he explained how he helped the patient.  Through his explanations, I gained a sense of what it’s like for a plastic surgeon to work with surgeons of other specialties and the importance of collaboration.

Priscella and Dr. Ganchi

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Ganchi Plastic Surgery.  I would highly recommend this program- the days were well-organized and informative, and Dr. Ganchi and his staff were extremely willing to answer all my questions and show me around the office.  I most appreciated the interactive aspect of this Princeternship: I learned a lot about plastic surgery and operations simply by observing them and asking questions.  I would like to thank the Princeternship program and Dr. Ganchi for giving me this wonderful opportunity!