Newly published: A Catalogue of the Junius Spencer Morgan Collection of Virgil in the Princeton University Library

Oak Knoll Press reports copies of the Virgil catalogue, ever so carefully prepared by Prof. Craig Kallendorf, are now in stock.

It is an exuberant production!

• Color-printed dust jacket [ in full ]

• 49 color-printed illustrations, some full page (page size: 8.5 x 11 inches)

• 488 pages of descriptions covering more than 900 volumes, divided into 8 sections (Latin editions, translations into Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and other languages) [sample pages]

• 4 indices: i) printers, publishers, booksellers; ii) authors, commentators, translators, editors; iii) illustrators; iv) owners (“The index … includes the names of auction houses and booksellers, as well as of former owners, so that the movement of the books can be tracked as fully as possible.”) [The estimate of the total number of names tracked by all four indexes is more than 2,200.]

• 17 page introduction, set double column, with 48 notes, and covering such topics as the illustration of Virgil’s works, evidence of reader experience, and the material production of Virgil editions as an index of taste.

Copies may be obtained via the publisher’s website