Creative Ideas from Krazy Kat

Tracy, the director of Krazy Kat, sent along some of the ideas that she has expressed to her class.  Take a look after the jump!

In Tracy's own words:

what i am about to describe is merely the conceptual framing device; i am not including the thematic and narrative threads nor the answer to the big question: why is the exploration of these characters important today? these are all the things we will be working on together in class. but here are a few little clues that may help guide your imagination until we meet in the spring.

essentially, i am creating a kind of window into a world where regular people, often strangers, are some how stuck together. For example, a doctor's waiting room, in a long line for something important, on a subway (this is my favorite). so the window we are looking into is this kind of contemporary, temporary purgatory, and inside this we get to know a few very interesting people, with all their quirks and quibbles. however, this is not where the magnifying glass stops; through the convention of either falling asleep or very active daydreaming, we then look through the window of the mind of one in particular--most likely the person that becomes krazy kat. this character reveals (her) rich and perhaps absurd inner life as her imagination manipulates the people around (her) to become the characters in krazy kat. its like when your dreams alter your life's events and people into something fictional, unrecognizable and yet when you wake up, you know there is facsimile to something in your waking life. so we are alternating interchangeably between "real life waiting room" and the strange arizona-esque moon landscape of the the cartoon. (in the future we may just call that the dream-scape).

there are 5 specific characters listed in the ballet: krazy kat, ignatz mouse, offisa pup, bill poster, & joe stark. the first 3 will certainly be used, the other 2 are dependent on story and there are many more fascinating characters in herriman's comic from which we can pull. so we are certainly not limited; some of you may play multiple "fantasy" characters, depending on what our story evolves into. the fun will be in creating a real character that when distorted becomes the herriman character.


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