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New Photographs

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Below we have some fantastic photos from dress rehearsal!  Check them out after the jump!

Thoughts from Rebecca



Over the last few weeks, Rebecca has been responding to questions posted as comments on this blog. Below, I’ve excerpted some of these responses into an entry. Read on!
…There have been many staging’s of Debussy’s Toy Box, some we know more about than others, but it was clear to me early in the process that the lack of documentation would shift this project out of the realm of recreation and towards an original choreography. There were several productions between 1920-1925, (student Pilar Castro-Kiltz is writing her departmental thesis on the history of these productions) but none have substantial choreographic notes, recordings about the creative process, or drawings of any specific steps to gather a sense of style, action, or gesture. It was necessary for me to focus on the inspiration of the materials, the artistic goals, the impulse to create this work, and at the heart of the work was a desire to make a dance for children. From here I imagined creating a play space with the students where they could be transformed and engrossed in a sense of discovery.