Writer Applications 2017!

All Nighter needs new writers! Could one of them be YOU?

This is your chance to apply to join the writers’ room for Princeton’s first and only live late night talk show!

The application is right here: All-Nighter Writer Application 2017! All you need to do is come up with 3-5 monologue jokes and 2 sketches, and no comedy writing experience is required!!! If you want to check out some examples of the kinds of sketch we do, have a look at our Youtube account.

For some guidelines about how to present your sketches, have a read of this All-Nighter Writing Format 2017.

Applications are due to Head Writer Vivien Bazarko (vbazarko@) by Monday, March 20th at 11:59pm!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Showrunner Sophie Parker-Rees (semp@) or Head Writer Vivien Bazarko (vbazarko@). Have fun!

Writer Applications 2016!

It’s that beautiful time of year again — seniors are shedding hair in chunks, freshmen are online shopping for Lawnparties outfits in ECO 101 lecture, and YOU are APPLYING TO WRITE FOR ALL-NIGHTER !!!

Here is the application: All-Nighter Writer Application 2016 – Take a look! The bulk of the application is 3-5 monologue jokes and 2 sketches, examples of which can be found on our Youtube account. You should also take a look at the All-Nighter Writing Format 2016 so you can do things right!

Applications are due to Head Writer Vivien Bazarko (vbazarko@) by Monday, April 18th at 11:59pm.

Please contact Showrunner Maddy Cohen (mrc2@) or Head Writer Vivien Bazarko (vbazarko@) with any questions or concerns. Happy writing!


Writer Applications = OPEN!!

We are currently accepting applications for our 2015-2016 season!! If you are interested in writing for us, please complete the attached form and submit 3-5 monolgue jokes and 1-2 comedic sketches. More instructions can be found on the forms below (click em and download)!
Applications are due Friay, April 17th, at 10:00 pm. Please email your application to our Head Writer, lefrost@princeton.edu. We can’t wait to see all your funnies!
Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested — and let us know (email Showrunner Maddy Cohen at mrc2@princeton.edu) if you or a friend would be interested in any of our technical positions (Producer, tech director, photographer, videographer, or music director)!!!

All Nighter Writer Application

All Nighter Writing Format


Check out our watch section for examples of monologue jokes, sketches, and more! See the team tab to learn about our current writers! Go wild on this wacky and informative site!

Praise Jamby, our December Episode is here!

The holidays are coming, and All-Nighter’s gift to you is this site being freshly contented-up! Check out the “Watch” tab for videos of all our past episodes*, the “Team” tab for a behind-the-scenes look at our All-Nighter staff, and the “Contact” tab to play your favorite long-car-trip game.


WEDNESDAY, December 10 at 10:30pm in Frist Theatre (weird timing to hit that done with work/still on campus sweet spot!) we will be serving up ~winter~neuroscience~holidays~slam poetry~grade deflation~tunes~a burlap sack~


Grown-Up Guest: Neuro Professor (/Ventriloquist!) Michael Graziano

Student Guest: Outgoing USG President Shawon Jackson ’15

Manthems Man: Sam Gravitte ’17

Talent Guests: Slam Poets Aron Wander ’15 and Mariah Wilson ’18


* besides Season 1, Episode 2, the lost episode *tear*

We’ve only just begun

Yes, folks, we’re saying our sad goodbyes to David, Adam, Amy, and senior writers Alex Moss and Will Pinke. These guys have been there since the very beginning of All-Nighter, and we’ll miss them dearly. But we can’t look back now, because the future of All-Nighter is even brighter.

Welcome to our new crop of writers: Maddie Meyers, Connor Stonesifer, Claire Ashmead, Vivien Bazarko, and Sophie Parker-Rees! And say hello to our new production assistant Ross Barron, our new showrunner Maddy Cohen, our new head writer Lauren Frost, our new co-host Jake Robertson, and our new host Eliot Linton! Eliot and Jake have been with us since Episode 1, Eliot as a writer and Jake as an actor. We’re so proud to pass the torch to these young guns, and may All-Nighter ever be all things to all people.

The Hand-Off

Our penultimate episode of the season, and how to help us make more!

First, the second-last episode of the year is coming up!


Second, applications for the next generation of the All-Nighter writing room are now live! They’re due on April 30th, and you can find ’em here. If the turnaround seems quick, remember this is about how fast we generate material for each episode. Adrenaline helps stop the pain so the jokes come easier!