[EVENTS] Moon Festival Registration Open: DUE SEPT 4

Moon Festival registration will be open for the next 10 days – until Tuesday, September 4. Register here!

We haven’t hammered out all the details yet (we need to do that when we get back on campus, September 10) but it will be both similar to and different from Carnival last spring, approximately 2-8PM on Saturday, September 22.

Weather permitting, Moon Festival will be outdoors. We’ll have a tour of the Asian art gallery at the Princeton art museum, and a retelling/skit of the legend behind Moon Festival. Towards the end, we will combine it with a campus-wide CSA event that will feature a performing arts showcase from most of the dance and performing groups on campus, which should be quite exciting. Plus dinner and lots of mooncake! yum 🙂

We are trying very hard to minimize costs, but logistics are pricy, and mooncakes are particularly expensive, so unless we get a lot of university funding (unlikely), we will probably need to charge $20 registration again. If you feel this cost is a burden, feel free to mention so on the registration form – if we can list a number of families that find the cost a burden, it greatly increases our chances for university funding (one of the reasons we got rejected last year is because “these families can afford a registration fee”…ugh).

We encourage you to buy tshirts for your children (and yourselves, if you want!), most people did last year. It really makes the event look cuter and more cohesive, plus it’s a pretty nice design if I may say so myself – here is a rough sketch (disclaimer – I am not the artist…), and it helps offset our event costs a little. The more people order, the cheaper they are… they should come out to $10 if enough people order!

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    • the link to registration is in the post, please sign up by noon because that is the latest time I can order tshirts and have them arrive on time

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