[NEWS] Mooncake Orders

Hi parents!

I’m getting ready to place our wholesale mooncake order for Moon Festival (reminder – it’s Saturday, September 22). Some parents have asked me how to shop for mooncake, so to make things easier and more convenient for you the parents, I have decided to open up ordering to CAPS families as well. If you put in a personal order now, just pay and pick up on campus during Moon Festival.

Moon Festival was always one of my favorite holidays as a child. My parents and I would take a walk around the neighborhood, admiring the beautiful full moon, and – my favorite part! – eating mooncake. Moon Festival this year is Sunday, September 30, so if you order from us it will be just in time for the next weekend.

These mooncakes are the real thing, imported straight from Hong Kong! I have eaten this brand for years – I can vouch, they are delicious (disclaimer – they may be an acquired taste, I have no idea. I don’t think they taste particularly exotic or “weird,” but I did grow up eating them…I and all my Chinese-American friends love them). They come in beautiful boxes, four mooncakes to a box. Each mooncake is packaged in an individual tin – these collectible tins are beautiful (depicting one of the four legendary “mei nu“) as well as extremely sturdy and useful (I use them to hold nailpolish, they might also be good for craft projects). Each mooncake is very big, the dimensions of the tin are 4×4 inches (2 inches tall).

Each box is $20. We are offering the two most classic flavors, red bean paste (dou sha) and lotus seed paste (lian rong), with or without egg yolk. If you are not accustomed to the taste of mooncakes and – particularly – the yolk, just order no-yolk, it’s safer! 😛 The egg yolk is prepare in a special preserved way, so the taste is NOT what you would expect from, say, a hard-boiled egg. I personally like them, but only because I’ve grown up eating them. Both are a little sweet. Red bean looks dark and brownish, lotus looks lighter and more yellow. I think red bean is sweeter, I tends toward red bean. I believe lotus is the most traditional, classic flavor. For matters of taste, I think both are safe choices, I cannot really remember a big difference.

Obviously, these orders are binding – if you place an order now, you must pay/pick up come September (and if you can’t make it to Moon Festival, try to get a friend to pick them up for you?). We are taking orders from now until Sunday, August 26Order here!

Important: Again, I’m pretty busy these days, so if you have a lot of specific questions about these mooncakes I may not have time to answer your emails… I am only doing this to help out those parents who would like to buy mooncake for their family but aren’t really sure what/where to buy. If you have a lot of questions about ingredients, taste, etc. etc. I may not really be able to help you with that.

Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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