[NEWS] New CAPS Matchups

To new families as well as old families awaiting new matchups – you will be receiving them in mid-September. We will be recruiting most of our new mentors from the freshman class, and we don’t even get to meet them until September 14. So obviously the timing is not great, it’s very rushed due to proximity to Moon Festival on September 22… while I’m pretty sure we’ll recruit enough mentors in time for Moon Festival, I am not sure how soon I can get the matches out.

You may be wondering why I scheduled it like this – seems silly and impractical. Well, I was angling for Moon Festival to be one week later, to not only make timing work out better but to coincide with the actual Moon Festival. Alas, when we started scouting out locations way back in March, our location of choice was already fully booked for that weekend and the three weekends after! Six months in advance! Too popular. So one week early was the best we could do. Apologies that it didn’t work out perfectly… I have no doubt Moon Festival will still be great! It will just be a mad frenzied rush for me to get enough mentors and match them up as quickly as possible…

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