[BLOG] Shanghai-born ballerina featured in new Gap fall campaign

I know we have a lot of dancers, so I thought this would be of interest!! (from jooktime.com)


Gap has just unveiled their fall campaign for 2012, Shine, which features emerging artists and musicians wearing the company’s “Icon Redefined” collection. Sporting The Fitted Boyfriend Shirt is Yuan Yuan Tan, a principal dancer for the San Francisco Ballet.

These individuals will be showcased during an eight-week content series on Gap’s social media channels, while the ads themselves will appear in September issues of national magazines and be displayed outdoors in major key cities.

She was featured in Vogue magazine in April 2003 and was named a “Hero of Asia” in the Asian edition of Time magazine in October 2004. (from sfballet.org)

[BLOG] Documentary: Somewhere Between

Since she knows I run this program, my friend highly suggested I check out this documentary about Chinese transracial adoptions, called “Somewhere Between.” There are a few limited screenings over the next few months, with one in NYC on August 24. I won’t be free that day, but it looks worth checking out for anyone who can! She and the girls will be available for questions, too!

Blurb: This film follows the lives of four teenaged girls adopted from China and now living in the United States. In profiling Chinese adoptees in contemporary America, Linda Goldstein Knowlton has created a deeply moving documentary illustrating that even the most specific of experiences can be universally relatable.


[BLOG] Godfrey Gao Cast in City of Bones

I have some really exciting news about my husband (shh, he doesn’t know yet) Godfrey Gao. He has been cast as Magnus Bane in the upcoming blockbuster movie adaption of the best-selling book “City of Bones,” first in the “Mortal Instruments” series – a very popular children/YA book series, maybe some CAPS kids read these?

Check out the official announcement here, it’s quite funny.

There are so many reasons I am excited for this. First and foremost – duh, I love Godfrey Gao. I mean, just look at him! A quick introduction: he’s 27, Taiwanese, raised in Canada, and hailed as the “first Asian male supermodel” following a lucrative deal with Louis Vuitton. He has dabbled in acting, with various parts in Taiwanese dramas.

The second reason I am so happy about this – and this is something you would THINK we could take for granted, but no – secondly, I’m really excited that they cast an Asian actor. News just broke that the blond, blue-eyed Liam Hemsworth (of Hunger Games fame) has been cast as Middle-Eastern legend Ali Baba in Arabian Nights. Really?! Reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia. The character of Magnus Bane is only briefly mentioned as having Asian features (and being half Indonesian), so it would have been easy for the casting directors to just cast someone Caucasian and call it a day. That they cast a full Asian is impressive.

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