Meet the Coordinators

Current Coordinators –

ecai_2Elizabeth Cai ’13
Founder, Senior Coordinator

Elizabeth is a senior in the Psychology department from Westchester County, NY. She founded CAPS when she was president of the Chinese Students Association and is thrilled with how it has grown. Inspired by her experience with CAPS, she is doing her senior thesis research on ethnic identity and attitudes in Chinese American children. She loves working with children and wants to become a pediatrician one day. She is also an Orange Key campus tour guide. She is an aficionado of nail polish and romantic comedies.

jessJessica Hao ’15
Coordinator, March 2012 – present

Jessica is a sophomore in the psychology department. She is an officer of the Princeton University Swim Club and an instructor with Princeton University Aquatics. She enjoys volunteering at the Eden Center, watching hockey (Go Red Wings!), and reading fantasy novels. Jessica helped coordinate the 2012 Spring Carnival and 2012 CAPS Moon Festival and cannot wait for this year’s Carnival!

tiffTiffany Cheung ’15
Coordinator, Feb. 2013 – present

Tiffany is a prospective Geoscience major with an Environmental Studies certificate. She is a writer for Princeton’s Her Campus and has been very involved with CAPS, face painting at many CAPS events. She enjoys playing Frisbee and tennis with her mentee, Yoko. Tiffany was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and although she really enjoyed shopping for a new closet full of winter clothes, she still does not like the cold weather on the mainland

audrey Audrey Meng ’16
Coordinator, Feb. 2013 – present

Audrey is a freshman studying chemical/biological engineering. She is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves to play piano and violin and is in Princeton Sinfonia Orchestra. Audrey has done Chinese folk dancing since she was eight years old. She went to Chinese School since she was 4 years old every Saturday to learn how to read and write Chinese and study Chinese culture. Audrey hopes to become a doctor one day and continue to work with children

lindaLinda Zhong ’15
Coordinator, Feb. 2012 – April 2013

Linda is a sophomore in the economics department. She is co-President of the Asian American Students Association and a student fellow at the Carl R Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding. She loves gossiping with her mentee, Jenna Wagner, about books, boys and school. Linda also helped coordinate the 2012 CAPS Triple 8 show, 2012 Spring Carnival and 2012 CAPS Moon Festival.

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  1. Was wondering about getting my 13 and almost 11 year old involved in CAPS, any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I am interested in getting my 9 year old son who was adopted from China this summer involved in CAPS. Can I get some information?

    Thank you.

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