Bill Blakemore’s most laudable effort

Mar. 26
The David Bradford Seminars in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy
Wallace Hall, Room 300
12:00 noon – 1:00p.m.

“Climate Consilience and Surreal Story: Popper, Profession, and Media Engage the Science and Psychologies of Global Warming ”
Bill Blakemore, News Correspondent, ABC News

I felt that Blakemore gave a very literary, sincere talk which inspires us all to work harder and do more to educate all in the interest of forestalling our fate (the destruction of our precious homelands/planet). As a non-scientist, but a truly professional journalist, he had to delve deeply into Science and Nature articles, to ascertain what the research has shown. Global warming has finally become a “story”. (“Why didn’t I know this?! Why didn’t you tell me this before!?”) However, he laments greatly that there is still very public denial by powerful vested interests, like Exxon and Peabody Coal. An interesting point that he made dealt with the fact that Europe and other countries don’t have the 1st Amendment right that we in the U.S. do, yet they do better, wider news coverage than we do. Our federal government has rather disturbing power in setting the agendas for the nation’s news.

It was a very earnest talk which was punctuated with humor and sighs, and many references to scientists, writers, philosophers. Hoping to end on a positive note, he brought up the “can do” attitude of humankind…that we will rise to the challenge, will be creative, and dedicated enough to stave off James Lovelock’s bleak picture of the world in his Revenge of Gaia.