International Journal of Environmental Research

International Journal of Environmental Research

Based at the University of Tehran, the International Journal of Environmental Research (IJER) is “concerned with all aspects of environment.” On the journal’s homepage, visitors will also learn that some of the specific fields covered within the publication include natural disasters, environmental design, and risk assessment and management. The journal was started in early 2007, and the executive manager is Professor Karbassi. Currently, there are three complete issues of the journal available online, and visitors can also read about the journal’s editorial board. Interested parties may also wish to read up on how they can submit their own pieces of scholarly work for consideration.

From the Scout Report July 27, 2007.
Bioline indexes this journal. Full text is available. It is searchable via Bioline International, and probably various search engines on the web!

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  1. 1) After acceptance of paper are you charging any fee for publication? if yes how much
    2) How is the review process and how much time you take for review and publication

  2. I’ve studied on suface water quality of Chittagong City Corporation Area, Chittagong, Bangladesh. I would like to publise my research work on international Journal. How can I proceed?

  3. Please advise if any further issues of International Journal of Environmental Research have been published since 2007. Are subsccriptions available or is this journal completely online and free?

  4. I want to correct a statement made just above: The International Journal of Environmental Research IS indeed covered by the Web of Science. It is not in ISI’s Journal Citation Reports however, which gives the impact factors and other data.
    This journal is also indexed by Scopus….and Google Scholar.

  5. What is the impact factor of your journal?

    I have looked on Journal Citation Reports and it is not covered by ISI/Web of Knowledge.
    From ThomsonReuters website:
    …the impact factor of a journal is calculated by dividing the number of current year citations to the source items published in that journal during the previous two years (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1: Calculation for journal impact factor.
    A= total cites in 1992
    B= 1992 cites to articles published in 1990-91 (this is a subset of A)
    C= number of articles published in 1990-91
    D= B/C = 1992 impact factor
    This journal is probably too new to figure a meaningful Impact Factor. (Louise Deis)

  6. dear sir,
    I would like to submit a paper entitled ” effect of rolling and pickling industrial sludge on wheat seedling growth”

    how could i submit this paper to ypur journal

    Reply from LF Deis, 8 Apr.

    Please submit your paper and any inquiries directly to the journal :

  7. I have a paper”Waste Management and Its Impact on Human Health and Social Environment of Bangladesh Agricultural University Campus, Mymensingh”I would like to publish this papers in your journal. Looking forward for a reply from your side.

    Md. Kabir Uddin
    From Bangladesh

    Dear Sir,
    Please contact the Journal itself. Here is the URL of their homepage: where you’ll find the different departments and specific email addresses.
    Thank you,
    Louise Deis

  8. Dear Authors and Friends,
    If you submit your manuscript through the above-mentioned Journal website: (
    it will definitely be published after revising by friendly reviewers.
    I happened to submit one and was helped to be corrected and published less than 2 months time.

    Richard, from UK

  9. Dear Sir/ma’am,

    I have two papers first one “Critical Assessment of Environmental Quality of Baghdad, Iraq” and second one “Environmental Assessment of Infrastructure Projects of Water sector in Baghdad, Iraq” I would like to publish these papers in your journal. Looking forward for a reply from your side.

    Thank you

  10. i am currently working on climate change awereness in nigeria and subjectives solution of the people. can you assist in publishing this research work after completion? thanks

  11. Please send the authors guidelines for submitting papers in your journal and help by sending a free copy of any full text paper as a model.
    Dr.S.Anand Giri

  12. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology (IJEST) is a quarterly peer review open access full colored publication of Iranian Society of Environmentalists (IRSEN) and Center for Environment and Energy Research and Studies (CEERS) affiliated to Graduate School of the Environment and Energy, Science and Research Campus, IAU.

    This Journal is indexed and abstracted in more than 40 world-known bibliographic databases.
    It is an honor for us to inform you that IJEST has been selected for coverage in the ISI/ Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) in July 2007 and it is now can be viewed through the ISI-Web of Science – Thomson Scientific WebPlus BETA, where through this site, you can evaluate and benchmark your performance; view your H-index; get your personal citation report and see who is citing your work.
    You may also visit the IJEST website; ( and get benefit of our free published publications. The Editorial Board of IJEST is composed of outstanding related professors selected around the world and we would be pleased to recognize more active contributions in this regard.
    We are sure that this success will have great positive hopes in qualitative and quantitative efforts in promoting IJEST at the international levels from the scientific point of view.
    We are confident that introducing our Journal as you did it for the International Journal of Environmental Research helps us greatly to promote our journal. Herewith, we found our duty to thank you and your beautiful site.

    Thank you for your valuable time and attention, in advance.

    Truly Yours,

    J. Nouri
    Professor and Co-Editor

    International Journal of Environmental Science Technology
    Center for Environment and Energy
    Research and Studies,
    Graduate School of Environment
    and Energy,
    Science and Research Campus,
    Islamic Azad University,
    P.O.Box: 14155-775,
    Tehran, Iran

    Tel.: (+9821) 4486 5006
    Fax.: (+9821) 4486 5002
    Web site:

  13. i have a paper entitled impact of automobile emission on the productivity of Crocus sativus. i would like to publish this paper in your journal.please intimate me about this at an early date.

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