PhysicsWeb addresses the Energy Problem

PhysicsWeb is the website/online version of Physics World, published by the IOP (Institute of Physics) and while it is most definitely not a new journal, it is definitely one to consider for selected physics news summaries. The current issue, July, 2007, has information about nuclear energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as coal.

1 thought on “PhysicsWeb addresses the Energy Problem

  1. For the technology available today, I would think that using a hydrogen fuel cell alkalyzer as a fuel assist device would produce the most bang for the buck in relation to the energy problem. You don’t have to worry about storing the hydrogen on or in the vehicle. You produce it on demand. Solves lot’s of issues.

    I own a waterjet job shop, and we cut a lot of parts for companies that make this type of fuel cell. Most of the information on fuel cells are input hydrogen, output electricity. I am talking about the reverse process. Input electricity, from the battery, output oxygen and hydrogen, which is then injected into the airflow of the engine.

    To start with, it is just a fuel assist device, but with research, who knows, cars running totally from water. But how will big oil tap into that? Maybe there is not a monetary reason to be reasonable!?

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