Improvements to the Princeton University Library catalog

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There has been further developments — improvements — in the utility of our Main Catalog: Finding the location of a specific book, and finding related material. Look up a title in the catalog, and you will note, toward the bottom of the record: 1a. Item details: Where to find this item This link gives you a picture of the library building and a map to help you locate the site on campus. 1b. Location details: More information about this location This link gives you specifics of the whereabouts of the particular copy you are seeking. For Firestone books, a picture of Firestone shows while the floor plan loads. Then, from the central elevators & stairs, “anttracks” may take you to the approximate location of the book. In addition, locations may be highlighted and annotated. 2. Notice that there is an additional button just at the top of the record reading: more like this . This terminology may be more familiar from other database searching, but here it mainly condenses the key links from the long view.

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