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The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science

Phrases like “biodiversity climate” and “ecosystems” are becoming ubiquitous on evening television broadcasts, yet some may still be unfamiliar with these terms and concepts. Fortunately, there is “The Habitable Planet” website, which was designed by Annenberg Media for teachers and adult learners who wish to learn more about current events in environmental science. The content on the site is divided into thirteen areas, which include oceans, water resources, energy challenges, and agriculture. Within each section, visitors can make their way through separate sections within the online textbook, and also view content that includes interactive labs, graphics, video clips, and specialized glossaries. Returning to the site’s homepage, visitors will also note that they can view the content by type, which makes it a bit easier if they are looking for a specific video clip or visual feature.”

Source: The Scout Report — August 1, 2008

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