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Inderscience of Switzerland, "PUBLISHERS OF DISTINGUISHED ACADEMIC, SCIENTIFIC AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNALS", has started yet more journals.  This is the latest environment-related title.  You can read the first articles here: http://www.inderscience.com/sample.php?id=309

Ocean World: Coral Reefs

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Title:Ocean World: Coral Reefs
Publisher:Texas A & M University.
Ocean World.

Description: Texas A&M University presents Ocean World, a Web-based educational resource for oceanography. The feature on coral reefs has the most direct life sciences application, with easy-to-navigate sections about the coral animal, coral reefs as the rainforests of the sea, symbiosis, ecosystem services, and coral reef threats and conservation. The Web site also includes a handy hypertext glossary, an interactive quiz, and annotated links to interesting Web sites, including sites that provide real-time reef images and data. While no formal lesson plans are provided, this Web site could be easily incorporated to a related classroom module for a range of grade levels.

Source: AMSER.org via Scout Report, Univ. Wisc. 6/5/09

Mother Nature News: MNN.com

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The Nature Conservancy News, via their newsletter today, introduced the Mother Nature News Network  which provides information and resources about technology, transportation, earth matters, food, business, home, lifestyle and family.

"You can read Conservancy news, nature and environmental articles, blogs, videos and how-to guides, along with breaking news stories, such as:

  •  MNN TV shows Conservancy videos and gives visual advice on everything from green party planning and green parenting to impassioned musicians and local-food chefs.
  • The Green News Roundup with daily environmental news and coverage from around the web including nature.org.content from each of The Nature Conservancy's state programs.
  • Plus, read what MNN's featured bloggers cover about the Conservancy and green living topics from transportation to family to business and food. "

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