Environment Research Funders’ Forum (ERFF) Research Database

From Knowledgespeak Newsletter, Sept. 15, 2009

ERFF adds research database to WorldWideScience Alliance science gateway

"The British Library has announced that the UK has made its first major independent contribution of data to the WorldWideScience Alliance project (www.worldwidescience.org) with the upload of the Environment Research Funders’ Forum (ERFF) Research Database. The database holds information on some 20,000 publicly funded environmental research projects and programmes that have been funded by ERFF’s member organisations since 2005. Although data is being continually added to the ERFF’s collections, anyone using WorldWideScience.org will be able to access information through the federated search function."

[The] "project currently makes available over 357 million pages of scientific information covering energy, medicine, agriculture and the environment. It continues to seek new partners to expand the resource and help stimulate revolutionary advances in science."

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